Born in Italy, where all the art and engineering

come to life as one

Equilibrium of product and source

The Factory was developed by the team's previous modelers Marco Ricci and Simone Taverna with the mission of thinking and visualizing every detail to make a real prototype of Morpheus manufacturing facility


All areas were modeled on a real-life scale, beginning from the offices, going towards the production area, and all the way to the break area


The original inspiration for the factory was, first of all, a hangar, a place best suited for airplanes. This is because this concept could best represent the giant within Morpheus and the will to aim high, at the same time a structure simple and essential thus the right beginning for a dream of this scale


Marco Ricci

"My experience at Morpheus was very interesting and stimulating. It was my first work experience and I must say that it taught me a lot. I learned to manage stressful situations that can happen in my work and I learned to relate more effectively with the others. The team was fantastic and I worked with them both in-person and remotely. It was a fantastic experience and I'm really happy to have worked with them"

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Simone Taverna

"Initially when they asked me to work at the Morpheus I was very interested because there was a great organization and willpower in the team that I met. We worked hard every day realizing new ideas and unique projects. Working with the team was pleasant and welcoming, both on exchanging opinions and when working remotely. It was the first work experience that really formed me. I wish Morpheus all the best and luck, thanks for everything!"

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