"To Riccardo, believe in dreams and work hard " - H. Pagani

The idea behind the dream

Morpheus began the 14th of March 2017 in the mind of Riccardo Clemente


“Since I’ve seen a real Pagani Huayra in 2015 I was shocked, the power of a volcano in a harmonious shape of a car. The whole company overwhelmed me, it was all about creating magic with a family behind it all not just a working number of individuals. This is what I love and what inspired me. I wanted to create something like that but new, different, with an electric soul, the power of a thunderstorm in a beautiful car inspired by nature. Something that could make people dream, the next step forward”


It all started getting shape in a bar 'Caffè Mancini' in Turin after Riccardo dropped out of university. The project was conceived as a startup, an innovation in the limited high-performance car market, not simply a hypercar but something new. A solution to a serious problem. A team was gathered of 15 individuals, friends of Clemente like C.A. Campolo “we need to make this thing work before October, is it possible?”

Creating the greatest car of all time

The brand Morpheus takes inspiration from the Greek god of dreams and sleep


"I wanted the brand to express best the concept of the dream into reality, of power of another kind and of something rare. It came to me after long research before beginning this journey the name Morpheus as the best option. It has a nice sound, it is international in this world where English is spoken everywhere, with 8 letters it is not too long. The perfect fit for the marketing perspective of it


"I'm a firm believer in first impressions, a person will decide instinctively between you and the competition on your presentation. Which is why I devote great importance of our success to our brand name and logo. Just imagine if Nike was called 'Dimension Six' like founder P.Knight wanted to call his shoes, just stop and imagine the consequences. The shape of the logo represents two wings from Morpheus embracing the land underneath which is Italy with a Tricolore on the bottom, to give that made in Italy feeling. The resulting shape in the center is a trophy, as something to be proud of"

"So you sleep, you dream this car, and then you wake up and live." The sleeping part is attached to Riccardo's experience and struggle with sleep from 2017 to 2019. "I struggled with taking rest, and this project wouldn't let me go even if I was overwhelmed. Every time I erased it from the board, I turned around and then 5 minutes later there it was again! It was something bigger than myself"


The project continued as Riccardo worked part-time and the team was divided between Rome and Turin

The blue factory

On the 15th of June 2017, Riccardo went to visit the abandoned Bugatti factory in Campogalliano, Modena Italy


“I first saw it in a newspaper. This giant Bugatti logo ruined by time, wait ruined? No, I saw it as carved by lightning strikes (look closely you'll see the effect too). I went to see it, now Imagine, you driving through this scary lonely road, you see trees covering the view and then you see it. This massive structure, abandoned, and time was frozen. It was something coming out of a movie


I met E.Pavesi which has taken care of the structure since its closing in 1995. I’ve seen every inch of the facility. I knew it was the right place for something like this. I would like to get this structure back to life under Morpheus’s badge and produce here our cars"


On the 7th of September 2017, the startup came to a pause to be rebooted in the right conditions and the team was undone

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