It all begins with one single idea, to create a new type of high-performance vehicle with an electric soul that can make the world dream. In April 2017 Morpheus begins, Riccardo Clemente gathers a group of brave individuals and with high difficulties, the startup business idea develops until a series of events interrupt this story

Once back in university at IED Torino RC speaks with some students in his university about designing the vehicle he and his previous team envisioned back in 2017. Incredibly the group of students is able to envision and represent what would become the first concept of a Morpheus Automobile, the Cigno Nero. A call by a friend Luca Pinoli in May 2019 gets the business idea back on track and the startup is reborn

The startup becomes the company Morpheus Srl and with the encounter of various partners and investors, things begin to shake. As all the parts of the puzzle come together Morpheus vision focuses and the future looks surprising. Will it be only electric supercars or more?