"We were in your same position 2 years ago, so it is possible" - C. Vazirani

The big deal to boost Morpheus

After contacting one of the SFDeal representatives L.Barrile and then speaking face to face with their employees at SIOS19 European event in Milan, RC went to the company headquarters to meet the founders just nearby in Rome

After presenting Morpheus to R. Sfoglietta and F.Di Condina, R.C wanted to hear their story. Withstanding their massive achievements and growth in record time, a real startup that works with and for other startups, R.C knew that the right idea was to get their support towards working together at the financials and business plan in order to present the ABC that business angels and investment funds are used to. In Morpheus the philosophy of presentation is a crucial standard. "People do judge a book by its cover. We may have the best product, the highest quality, the most useful software; if we present them in a slipshod manner, they will be perceived as slipshod; if we present them in a creative, professional manner, we will impute the desired qualities. - M. Markkula

Work between the two companies begun, towards preparing the material and present it to investors beginning by April onwards

New and old faces in the team

In the great endeavor and stress that there is in any start-up, there will be a major issue about changes in the business plan, capital seeking,  and people coming and going in the team

After a while working in Morpheus, M. Ricci and S. Taverna had to leave but only after they completed their task. As 3D modelers they helped in all areas, their last and most important work was a full-scale vision of the future Morpheus factory. M.R and S.T literally modeled each room, each object, and detail to make a realistic future preview of what the factory would look like

The two were replaced with M. Negri as an exterior designer coming back after leaving for a short while. And an expert (confidential name) from the automotive field to overview the prototype for powertrain and electric vehicles. With both an expert on the engineering side and commercial side (confidential name) Morpheus now had the right mix of young talents and experienced individuals to make this very great product. Thus Morpheus mission was to achieve the impossible since the beginning and making the greatest car of all time, earth-shaking, that could change the world

"In the making of this car there was an obsession of every detail, sometimes there was just a looking job at the model and at the competitors. With 1:43 scale models of all hypercars around, to ensure uniqueness in a market were many copy each other. This car had to be unique, and thus why it was important to understand what the others nearby are doing right and wrong. What about the factory? We cannot make a square building and tell people that these cars come out of there, there must be a connection between product and source"

A talk between two ceos

In the chaos of suppliers seeking for the development of the prototype, Morpheus bumped into Vazirani, a supercar manufacturer and consulting company based in India

RC was able to get in contact with the founder and CEO of the company, Chunky Vazirani. The first call provided RC and Morpheus with valuable information, thus after several discussions, there was the decision to get Vazirani's expertise to help for the development of the first phase of the prototype. Together with this a strategic approach towards feasibility and network support for supplier seeking. This was the best option in order to avoid waste of time and money and error avoidance, hence gain 5 years of experience to apply in advance

There was also the coincidence that both RC and VC were inspired by Horacio Pagani to make something unique, thus why there were the right conditions to work together

Hard work and passion during the pandemic

Despite the pandemic that spread out through Cina and impacted Italy first of all, Morpheus did not stop and the team kept working despite the pressure and difficulties produced by the situation

Smart working was ordinary for March and April but in May the team was back reunited in the main office and headquarters in Rome Italy. Now the challenge was to give a new look to Cigno Nero the main creation of the startup. This is only four months' time as capital started to run thin with the daily mission of finding an investor who can lift this dream and make Morpheus survive, hopefully, to thrive and become a great company and provide true Italian products

The words Horacio Pagani left Riccardo still ignite hard work and pursuit to success in the team to this day "believe in dreams and work hard".

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