2018 / 2019

"I think you should give it another try, with my help" - L. Pinoli

The lightning and the second team

In February 2018 Riccardo went back to university at IED Turin in Italy and gathered a few courageous and ambitious students to create the car he dreamt since 2015. It all began in August 2018, A. Tonietti contacted Riccardo "I was thinking to model the F40 for my portfolio what do you think?" R.C. "You know what? Forget that, I throw you an even better challenge." A.T "A Pagani?" R.C "A Morpheus, you could model that!" A.T "No I don't think so" R.C "Yes you will" A.T. "No!" R.C "Yes! A.T. "Ok"


On the 5th of June 2019, the first car under Morpheus’s name was born the Cigno Nero. This to be a preview of the DNA and design that will forge the future cars of the brand. “I seriously tried to stop and don’t think of this car, but every time it came back. It couldn't be stopped, it wanted to come to life, I saw it every day in my mind. So I talked with A. Tonietti to do some 3D modeling. Then T. Lorenzini to ask him to participate in designing the interiors. A. Testa to do some photoshop and H. Gajera to do some 3D modeling. We began Cigno Nero and with ups and downs, after 9 months we made it. Then finally I was hit by lightning when I saw it, tears in my eyes, this is what dreams are made of! The world needs to see this, touch this, feel this. A bolt of lightning with clear skies and people should own one of these”


But was that the end of Morpheus? No, Riccardo received an unexpected call from a friend, and from that design and previous work the business was set back on track. And Cigno Nero even tough a work of students it was a perfect starting point for a future prototype

Morpheus V.II

The brand was reborn and back on the track the 30th of May 2019, when Luca Pinoli the inventor of Primo contacted Riccardo proposing to bring the brand back to life together and make it work this time


“It was a great coincidence that Luca called me exactly when the design for Cigno Nero was completed. This is a story of coincidences, the place from which Luca is from in Milan is called Magenta same as my route address in Turin, Via Magenta. We worked together for a while on a patent for an electric engine of his creation called Primo. Maybe the coincidence is nonsense but when I received his call I felt that it was the moment, I wasn’t ready and still facing some challenges but there was no time to wait"


L.P. "I was going to propose to some potential investors the next month my patent for Primo. Thus I called Riccardo so we could propose also his startup for investment. I also dreamt of creating a company in the automotive field, and Morpheus was a very promising concept to begin with"


Now the two Co-founders of Morpheus v.II are at the head of the startup and searching for a team of talented individuals and investors to produce their first prototype

Concept to reality

Luca and Riccardo began building a team, A.Ombrella, M.Negri, and A.Testa joined the team. A new Business Model and Pitch were prepared but the right partners were needed to make this idea into a functioning business plan that could attract and convince potential investors


Just in time thanks to the help of IED Turin's professor M.Albera during an event dedicated to Tom Tajaarda, Riccardo met two representatives of Future Tech Design R.Sharma and J.Singh. Thanks to their help Morpheus was set for a fully detailed plan to produce the future first prototype. FTD had the experience and the expertise needed and was a unique solution to all Morpheus needed to start and develop


Later on, R.Merra joined the team to take the position left by the people who left the team in August 2019. His opinion on the subject was "Why don't we create an automobile which is a real automobile? Today cars have Ai driving aid that make you feel a pilot which you're not. Let's create a car free from driving help systems, which you can not control like the wrath of a storm. This car is for a few, a few that can handle a storm"


Now the mission was to get that first investment. The previous office in Via Giovanni Bettolo in Rome Italy was opened again to be used as the main facility for the start-up to host team, partners and investors meetings

Cigno Nero V.II

For work reasons, Luca leaves the team at the beginning of September 2019 to work on his visionary and ambitious project. Meanwhile, as the team expanded, Riccardo, Manuel, and Alessandro set to work on restyling the car. We have observed every single detail for hours, from the front headlight to the sinuous and futuristic shapes present in the interiors, and then end up redesigning most of the rear

All to be subsequently presented to investors. We would love to tell you more but now Cigno Nero is in a new phase of development for engineering and design and we would like it to be a surprise

In the meantime, Morpheus finally becomes an S.r.l and listed between the companies of the innovative Start-up category in Rome

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