The thunder that awakens the dream

that's in you

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Cigno Nero was born from a bond of gentleness and wrath, a merge of creation and destruction in nature.


This is the soul of our brand, hence the starting point for this automobile. Three elements are found in the genesis of this car: the perfect aerodynamic shape, the destructive power of nature, and a gentle form of nature. This last one is a rare, elegant and beautiful creature. A black swan, thus the right protagonist to embrace the first model by Morpheus. These three concepts come together in this primordial form of the automobile


On top of the perfect aerodynamic shape, the droplet, a dress was designed to envelop and protect it, inspired by the silhouette of the swan landing on water from the skies. The two forms are then blended with a lightning strike, that carves through the surfaces and is a signature of the automobile and soul of the brand together with the God of dreams Morpheus. Finally just like a sculpture this car comes to life hand made in every detail

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



A work of art shaped by nature



Drop-shaped design

Swan inspiration

Shell in carbon fiber


Taking inspiration from the swan, a noble animal with a gentle soul, we have resumed the pride and elegance of the animal, creating a car with a balanced and aggressive appearance


The swan's refined movements are reflected in all views: from above the swan's wings embrace the car, starting from the rear where the swan opens its wings to start the flight forming a more aerodynamic teardrop shape, going towards the front in which the swan's snout, eyes and beak are reflected



Simplicity, the maximum vision of elegance,

at the customer's service



Designed for the customer

Vegan based leather

New technologies


First of all, the focus was placed in the interior as well as on the exterior to think of this space for the potential customer of this rare vehicle. Parts, details and new features were designed especially thinking about this person's needs as our client must easily get confidence with the car and feel safe as everything was built around them.


The interiors are enveloped in a droplet structure, inspired by the exterior side signature line of the lightning. The lines born from this electric impulse forge the centerline of the interiors, and just like a lightning it opens and embraces the dash beginning from the front and connecting to the back


Innovations were placed in features and spaces as the aim of this vehicle like the next in line is to enter into a new category. The challenge is not about top speed, it is about creating a unique product that the client will feel attached to. To create features and a new type of product that the person for which this product was designed didn't yet know it needed

This vehicle embraces Morpheus's philosophy, it was created to express a new luxury, a product of dreams. To speak alone and to be one with the person in possession of it







Wheel Base


Ground Clearence
Rims Diameter
Front Tires
Back Tires
Front Brakes
Back Brakes







2745 mm

1193 mm

2020 mm
130 mm
265 mm
345 mm
400 mm

380 mm



Are you ready for the storm?